Will Pence's visit on Wednesday (6/12/19) help Meth addiction in our state? The quick answer is no. The visit itself won't do anything, which is why I am hoping he lays out an actionable plan that makes sense. This problem isn't just a Montana issue, it's an American epidemic. It has wreaked havoc in my hometown and I would really love to hear a solution that makes sense. Not only have I not heard a plan that I think will work, I can't even conceive of one.

I am glad that the problem is being acknowledged, but it's not a new problem and it's not the first time it's been mentioned. I think it's good that the VP is coming, but I hope it's more than just a speech. This is a problem that words won't fix. The one and only thing I can do is to make sure my kid understands how dangerous meth and the like is. For addicts on the streets with no family and nothing to lose I think there is little hope of them giving up their escape from reality. Maybe Pence will outline a plan that changes my mind.

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