It's been a great week for spotting cool stuff for sale on local Facebook marketplaces. I'm pretty sure one of my buddies just bought an awesome, lime green, gas-powered bar stool that was offered for sale at here in Billings for $1,500. If you think that sounds steep, keep in mind that the insanely dangerous fun, upright go-cart stool is claimed to reach top speeds of 30+ mph AND it came with a matching trailer to haul your cooler. Nice.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

What could be cooler than having a motorized barstool? How about your very own  FLYING MACHINE. Cheap, too. Posted in the Billings Marketplace page is a 2006 Six Chuter 550 power parachute ultralight flying machine. It's in Wyoming and the seller is asking just $14,500 OBO!

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

I know nothing about these tiny, engine-powered parachute/tricycle hybrids, but $14,500 seems like a bargain. For less than the price of a used Honda Accord, you get the opportunity to take to the open skies at the breakneck speed of around 25 - 35 mph, according to, an ultralight flight training school.

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"I don't have a pilot's license," you say? Haha, my friend! Here's the best part. Easy Flight says,

In the United States, powered parachutes may be flown as either ultralights or as certificated aircraft. Ultralight versions are lighter, carry a maximum of five gallons of fuel, may only be flown during daylight hours, and are single-seat only. The benefit to the ultralight version is that there is no licensing involved.

Go ahead and read that last line (underlined for emphasis) again. No license required. I guess you can just kind of practice in a field till you get the hang of it? Or...? Safety concerns and flight training aside, I've always wanted an ultralight. The seller, who is posting it for his dad, stated some of the features in the post:

  • 2 seat
  • 100% new condition
  • inspected and certified
  • coyote hunters
  • photographers
  • sightseers

Okay, so maybe you do need a license to buy this model, as it has two seats. Regardless, the sellers say it's only been flown one time and has been in storage since. He started the price at $20,000 and now the aircraft has been marked down to $14,500 with "no reasonable offers refused." If interested, the seller prefers a phone call at 307-350-0635. Someone please buy this and let me take it for a spin.

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