My mom and grandmother did several rummage sales when I was a kid. And that's one of the reasons I think things are interesting on the used stuff sites on Facebook.

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One quick note to potential sellers. I have zero interest in buying your vehicle that either needs a little TLC, ran great the last time you drove it ten years ago, or has it priced at twice what the damned thing cost new when it was on the showroom floor.

That's why the person's post selling old Legos appealed to me. For starters, the used Legos are exactly as good as the brand-new ones. And I haven't shopped for new Legos since the 70's, but I'm guessing that the price has gone up.

And now you can build all kinds of cool things out of Legos. If you've got the money.

On their website, there are many choices. I chose to click on the Star Wars-related things that I could buy and then snap together.

I could get myself an R2D2 robot for $239.99. And don't forget. Some assembly is required.

How about Han Solo's ship the Millennium Falcon?  You get it in 5,525 pieces for $849.99.

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I seriously had no idea about the dollars involved in Legos. So those bags of used ones that the lady only wanted 10 bucks a piece for are looking pretty good about now.

I know a guy who tells me that he's got "an embarrassing amount of money" tied up in his collection. Hey, man. It's your money. And it's better than having a drug habit.

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