I'm asking you the toughest question that you'll be asked all day. What are your three favorite songs from the king?

Working in country radio for almost forty years, I think he is the most liked male artist on the radio. You could make the same case for Merle haggard or Don Williams. But I can't remember ever hearing someone say that they don't like George Strait.

And I want to know WHY you picked the three songs that you did. Do you just like the song for the sound of it? Was it played at an important event in your life like a wedding or funeral? Or did the songs you selected all say something that sounds like something you would say?

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Here are my top three. At number three I've got "Amarillo By Morning." This one came out right about the time I was first starting out in the business. Those twin fiddles always remind me of working the overnight shift and getting requests from truck drivers and drunk people.

Number two is a newer one. "Cold Beer Conversation." No special reason. Just like the sound of it.

And for very personal reasons, my favorite is "So Much Like My Dad" because I am. My dad and I had a conversation about this song shortly before he died. And I'm glad we did.

I also could've included "Check Yes Or No", "Troubadour", or "I Cross My Heart."

I'm guessing that I'll get a few "I Cross My Heart" is our wedding song responses.

And a few "Our first dance was to a George Strait song" responses as well. So, what are your top three?

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