I think that I could use a little "windshield time": just hopping in the car and going for a cruise. Or as Chuck Berry put it, "Just cruising and playin' the radio, with no particular place to go".

For me, which road I take depends on what I think my velocity might be on that particular trip.

The Road From Columbus to Absarokee

I've always enjoyed the road from Columbus to Absarokee, with a quick burger stop at the Grizzly Bar, then on to the candy store in Red Lodge. And since they widened and repaved that road a few years ago, that's really a pleasant drive with lots of scenery.

The Frontage Road from Butte to Three Forks

I took the frontage road out of Butte to Three Forks last summer. It also was freshly repaved and didn't run in to one other vehicle.

The Frontage road from Great Falls to Wolf Creek

Another scenic drive.

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Back when I was young, I drove a little faster. I couldn't really tell you the exact number of speeding tickets I was written through the years, but I can remember the ones that were for going over 100 mph. One of those was outside of Stanford and I was trying to set a new personal best time from Billings to Great Falls. The sheriff was really a great guy, but I got a ticket anyway.

I had two tickets pertaining to "being the better race car driver of all those who were competing." They were so impressed with me that the judges in both cases insisted on meeting me.

One of those races happened when I was still in high school. So, my dad sat me down and gave me the speech about not killing myself. And after he made his points, he looked at me. He smiled. Then asked, "But, you DID beat the guy in the Firebird, right?"

"Yes, sir."

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