Road trips, the most fun you can have with your friends or the worst week that you can spend with your family and It's still my preferred mode of transportation. A little "windshield time" is always good for my attitude.

Here are a couple of quick things before we hit the road together:

1. I'll drive. You, the passenger, are in charge of navigation. If we miss an exit, that's completely on you.

2. You don't need to worry. I'll let you know if we're stopping at In and Out Burger, Chik Fillet, or any other fast food joint that we don't have back home.

3. I'll give you at least fifteen minutes to find a location near the exit where we're going to gas up. Remember, my road trips are like Nascar races. We're just getting off the track to refuel both the vehicle and the passengers. Time is critical and the stopwatch will be running.

4. The radio is for decoration only. Fortunately, your driver is one of the most experienced music people that you know, so he'll be picking the radio stations. It would be greatly appreciated if you didn't sing along. Whistling is expressly forbidden.

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Your Job as Navigator just got easier with the new and improved MDT 511 app from the Montana Department of Transportation.

I've had this app for years because it gives winter road conditions. It's helped me find the best roads when I'm road tripping. It also lets you know where there might be traffic delays due to fire activity. They have just added the feature where you type in the city you're leaving from and the one that you're going to. Then it will give you the best route to get there.

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