Four-year-old Kanden Jones may not know the difference between taking a nap and blacking out, but he sure knows how to use an iPhone.

It was a guys’ day for the kid and his grandfather Carl Jones when the two were out deer hunting in the woods. When the worst happened — thankfully not a hunting disaster — Kanden was left with an unconscious grandpa.

Before the collapse, Carl, who is diabetic, could tell his blood sugar was dropping and decided to get an early lunch. Unfortunately, he waited too long. As the two were walking through the woods, Carl passed out, leaving Kanden to call for help.

The boy picked up his grandpa’s iPhone, found the call button and called home from the list of recently dialed numbers.

His mom answered and put his dad, Jarret Jones, on the phone. Kanden told him that his grandpa was sleeping. “I said, ‘He’s asleep?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ And he kept yelling at my dad, ‘Hey Paw-Paw, Daddy wants to talk to you, Daddy wants to talk to you.’ And I knew because of my dad’s diabetes that something was wrong,” Jarret said.

The family called an ambulance and went out to find Kanden and Carl. Two hours later, they found the boy and his grandfather, still unconscious. Emergency crews arrived and Carl was taken to a nearby hospital and treated.

The Jones’ are thankful Kanden figured out what to do to save his grandfather so they will get to enjoy another Christmas together as a whole family.

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