As a city, we've made the national news a couple of times in the past few years. Not that you didn't know this, we seem to like to work hard, drink beer, shoot guns and you can get excellent health care here, too.

So nice to have a hospital here locally that was recognized nationally. If something's broke, they can fix it for you.

Yellowstone County made news last fall for being one of the most heavily armed counties in America.  Where do we rank in the top 30? We came in number 14, people shouldn't mess with us.

You know I love beer, it's proof that god loves us. According to Ben Franklin anyway. We are a Top 10 beer-drinking city. It's a no-brainer with so many good breweries downtown and so little time.  We made the hangover list, too.  But how could we not will all this great beer here?

  • Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno,Getty Images
    Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno,Getty Images

    Billings Clinic

  • Dylan Ayer, Townsquare Media
    Dylan Ayer, Townsquare Media

    Most Hungover

    Look, No. 3 on the list is best beer-drinking cities. There's no way we couldn't make this list,too.  Out of 25 cities, Billings made No. 2, according the Business Insider.

  • Dylan Ayer, Townsquare Media
    Dylan Ayer, Townsquare Media

    Beer Drinking

  • Erich Schlegel,Getty Images
    Erich Schlegel,Getty Images


  • Ethan Miller,Getty Images
    Ethan Miller,Getty Images


    Our low unemployment rate makes our city a great place to live. Here's what Forbes had to say about Billings

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