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The former St. Francis school is going to be for sale.  But it might take a little time before it hits the market, and here's why...

If you've ever bought or sold a piece of real estate, you know that a title search is performed to verify legal owners, if there are any liens or tax issues, property boundaries, etc.  Usually pretty boring - but important - stuff.

Here's where it gets a little tricky for this valuable piece of Billings.  There may be over 400 people with their names on a portion of the property, because of how it was set up way back in the early 1900's.  And now the firm in charge of handling the sale has to make an attempt to contact all of those heirs to the property. Yikes! That's gonna take some work.

This is such a cool building and I look forward to seeing what it becomes.  If you had the the bankroll to buy it, what would you turn it into? Lofts? Office space?  I think it'd be cool to put a restaurant and nightclub in the basement.  Call it Old School Supper Club & Spirits.  Ha!


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