Have you ever had it where you are SO busy over the holidays, that you bought Christmas gifts and forgot you had them??  I bet if I rummaged thru the basement long enough, I would find a few things never given away from holidays in the past.

Here is what we found out from our Facebook friends... 

  • Monica Stricker Who does that? Maybe a horder
  • Erin Riveland yes... had a couple in the trunk buried lol
  • John Ohs Nope.
  • Valerie Eisner Yes and we wont go there!
  • Rhonda Leppink Baker Ha! I bought a wood carving set for my son last year, still in the closet, think I'll give it to him this year!
  • Desiree Bond i bought my son a dale earnhart watch and tin gave it to him for his birthday 2 years later lol
  • Shalisa Groff I think at some point everyone does it at least once.
  • Katie Blaquiere Of course-or I remembered I had them, but forgot just where I hid them!! Nice Birthday presents :-) !!!
  • Annette Tremblay Konzen Robison Every year.
  • Tammy McCaslin Nielsen me too Annette, every year!
  • Marcie Mullen Hummel OMG ALL the time!!!
  • Julie Ann Heyneman You mean everyone doesn't do that?
  • Cheryl Rivera Probably at least two a year....hey, but I already remembered one that was forgotten for a couple of months! Lol

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