So, today was a landmark day for me.  My oldest child, a beautiful, smart and funny girl,    turned her "Sweet 16"!  Holy moly I am getting old!

I almost couldn't believe it!  Since it's a momentous occasion, we wanted to do something special for her birthday.  So, leading up to her birthday, we had our old car fixed by our awesome auto-mechanic(it had some safety issues, which now are cured). My husband also spent a few hours detailing the interior and exterior, so that it shined.

We parked it in the garage(normally not allowed) with a huge birthday sign on it for her to see in the morning when she left for school.  Did she see it? Nope!  Walked right by it and didn't even think about it!!!!  Apparently she had other things on her mind!

Taylors Birthday
Tara Nicole

Well that's okay though.  I called her as I hadn't heard anything from her and told her what she missed.  When she got home today though, she was all about checking her new car out.  To be fair to her, she knew in advance that she was getting the car, just not in the great shape that it was in this morning.  Kids!

Is this not a sweet car, for a "First" car?  Comment and let me know!

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