Billings has a lot of households who celebrate Halloween in a big way, but there is one neighborhood in particular that goes all out. If you know Billings, you know the area I'm talking about. I take my daughter trick-or-treating in that neighborhood every year and I am amazed at the amount of time, effort and money these people put into their elaborate decorations and candy for the kids.

This year, my kid and I are bringing some treats for a few of these houses. As you know, Bacon Fest is happening a couple of Saturdays after Halloween (November 14th) and I'm going to be carrying some tickets with me as we do our trick-or-treating. Since the occupants of these houses are doing this for the kids, I'm going to let my 7-year-old daughter, who will be dressed as Supergirl, decide which houses to give these to. She'll have a few envelopes, each containing a thank you from her and a pair of tickets to Bacon Fest.

I know this is a small gesture, but these people really deserve some recognition. Maybe next year we can do something bigger to acknowledge everyone who participates in this, but for now I hope they all know that there are a lot of families who look forward to visiting them every year.