Following the same platform that was used for 'The Hip Hop Nutcracker,' Alberta Bair Theater will offer another virtual experience for families and kids, just in time for the holiday season.

The award-winning podcast Story Pirates is featuring this brand new, kid-driven comedy called "Sleep Squad," that turns your home into a rocket ship that will "launch kids into their dreams."

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According to a press release from Alberta Bair Theater, Sleep Squad is a "go-to entertainment resource" for parents of kids ages 4-12, making this experience a new kind of bedtime routine for families.

SLEEP SQUAD stars Tony Award Nominee Lilli Cooper (SpongeBob SquarePants, Tootsie) as the Dream Queen, who guides adventurers through three different enchanting virtual experiences, adapted from stories written by real kids. These include a visit to a desert island, a dinosaur’s birthday party, and an intergalactic nightclub, allowing kids to take ownership of the imagination-powered storytelling. SLEEP SQUAD concludes with soothing music that will help lull adventurers to sleep.

Alberta Bair Theater will offer tickets for the Story Pirates 'Sleep Squad' interactive, virtual theater experience for $35, and that will give families unlimited viewing access for two weeks. For an additional $15, a "Dreamtime Travel Kit" will be shipped to your home address. These kits include a dream journal, and star machine, that help to "bring the performance to life."

A portion of the ticket sales from Story Pirates 'Sleep Squad' will go to Alberta Bair Theater.

For more information about this event, or to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.

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