Major league baseball just made a huge mistake pulling the All-star game out of Atlanta because they don't like the constitutionally passed voter revisions. These changes actually expanded voter opportunity. Also, jumping on board was Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola, two other Atlanta-based corporations. The basic question is this: Do you think people have to be an American citizen to vote? Then how do we prove that to ensure integrity and legitimacy in the election?

They want no I.D, no signature verification etc. Tough. You don't get to make the laws, state legislatures do. What a bunch of hypocrites. Go to the willcall window to get your tickets at the ballpark you need an I.D. Buy a beer at the ballpark, show your I.D. Going to park in the handicap spot? Better have the sticker. How could these changes be racist? They are the same for everyone no matter the race, gender, religious affiliation etc. All the same.

Now the very people that baseball claims to be standing up for are the ones that will suffer the most. The 100-million-dollar-plus economic impact on Atlanta that will now be lost will hurt minorities the most. They are the ones that work at the ballpark, the airport, the hotels, the restaurants, the cab drivers etc. MLB just took 100 million out of their collective pockets. These folks will remember that at the store that sells coke and also remember during the next election in 650 days. Mexico and Canada require voter I.D in their elections. 36 states in this country do as well and the list is growing. And only 7 of the 15 left have a baseball team that can host your All-star game. It doesn't matter to me, I won't be watching. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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