Major League Baseball owners proposed a plan to begin playing games as soon as July 4, and the NBA is taking "significant steps" to finish the 2019-2020 basketball season, according to CBS Sports.

MLB Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a CNN interview that they are making plans to play in empty stadiums, and is "hopeful" that baseball will return this year.

When these pro sports leagues do open back up, some of the California teams may need a new location to play their games. California Governor Gavin Newsome has been reluctant to make a promise that he will allow teams to play in their home parks, according to the LA Times.

If you need a place to play without fans, and your state isn't open, bring your team to Montana. We've been trying to save professional baseball in our state, so why not lobby the MLB to come play their condensed season of games in Montana, like Florida is doing.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said, "we’ll find a place for you here in the state of Florida" if teams run into problems playing in their home states.

The Cincinnati Reds could play home games at Dehler Park. Teams would stay at downtown hotels, eat at downtown restaurants, and get to experience a city most would never have visited. In a perfect world, the Chicago Cubs would play their home games in Bozeman, and travel to Billings to play the Reds.

If the Golden State Warriors, LA Clippers, or LA Lakers need a home, MetraPark could put down the basketball court in First Interstate Arena. The NBA has already used MetraPark for preseason games, including at 2008 game between Minnesota and Oklahoma City.

And why not have some teams play in Wyoming? Kanye could help get teams into Cody, players could bring their families to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton. They could travel to play other teams in Billings, Casper, Bozeman, etc.

Even if there are no fans allowed at these games, imagine the tourism exposure our cities would get from the national TV broadcasts, not to mention MLB and NBA players sharing photos and videos of our beautiful state on their socials.

What pro sports team would you love to see play their home games in Billings for a season?

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