Climbing aboard a scary amusement park ride when you’re afraid of heights — like this dad did — takes guts. But appearing on ‘Today’ and explaining your sobbing, terrified reaction? That takes more courage than we can even imagine.

Dad Steve Fuehne said he rode the Screamin’ Swing at Dollywood with daughter Grace Elizabeth because she needed to be accompanied by an adult and no one else was available. “So, I said, ‘Well, how bad can it be?’” said Fuehne.

Fuehne, who suffers from acrophobia, said the g-forces on the ride were incredible. “The pressure was enormous, and my biggest fear is heights, so that didn’t help a whole lot,” he laughed.

Despite his distaste for extreme thrills, Fuehne tentatively agreed to bungee jump after Matt Lauer sarcastically suggested it, but only if NBC was somehow involved in the event. “If you sponsor it, I’ll try it … maybe,” he said reluctantly.

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