From the crusty old man wing of Cat Country 102.9... Some things I will never understand. On the way to Harper & Madison for lunch today I took this picture. My friends spent real cash money on this puke green contraption. Why would somebody pay hundreds of dollars for an iPhone or Android only to buy a peripheral to plug into it that looks like a phone receiver from the 1960's?

Yes, you plug it in and you can talk on it just like the phone you used to have a couple of decades ago before technology made our lives easier... because that makes sense. Where do you even buy something like that? A joke shop? What's next... an adding machine you plug into your iPad? An old school boom box for you to listen to Pandora? Perhaps a Curtis Mathes console TV (in the original wooden cabinet) to watch YouTube videos? You get my point. Ironically you can buy an old black rotary phone for less than $10 on eBay. If someone had the ability to solder (remember when that was a skill that mattered?) then they could probably make their own "peripherals" for next to nothing.

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