I don't know if you've heard or not, but I eat out a lot. So, I can give widespread reviews on who has the best salads. Sure, Karen may have narrowed it down to 10 salads in Billings, but I'm taking a different approach. There's no such thing as a bad salad unless you put hard-boiled eggs on them. That's gross. But maybe you like the egg. Good. You can have mine.

Whatever lettuce creation you send to my table, make sure that it's got Thousand Island dressing on it. Not ranch, not Russian, not any of your twenty-seven flavors of vinaigrettes. This is not negotiable.

You can taste the difference in the dressings at different restaurants. My all-time favorite was served at the 4B's restaurants. But I haven't eaten in the 4B's here (located at 4907 Southgate Drive) in several years. I've also heard that they have the best tomato soup. I'll need a rainy day to go find out.

Although I haven't eaten there in years, Perkins used to have a salad served in a bread bowl with teriyaki chicken that I always ordered. Then ate the entire bread bowl.

These days if I want a salad, both Jake's serve salads that you can add beef or chicken to that I like.

Both Texas Roadhouse and Outback have tasty salads. I'd guess that there's some sugar in their Thousand Island dressing. But Texas Roadhouse gets the nod because of that cinnamon butter that they serve. Fattening, but totally worth it. Plus the employees dance. You're not gonna get that at Taco Bell.

And Thousand Island is on sale at Albertsons this week. Score!

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