My wife and I were talking last night about various things when a funny, yet bad memory came up about a funeral we attended a few years back. An old friend of mine lost his mother and we went to pay our respects during his difficult time.

During the service, things were peaceful and calm until someone's cell phone began to ring...and it wasn't just any ringtone. It was Tracy Lawrence 'If The Good Die Young' and after seeing the look on the phone owners face, I thought we might have to have 2 funerals that day...He was obviously devastated but everyone broke out laughing and the mood was lifted if only for a minute. Still, it couldn't have come at a more awkward moment. Thank goodness the family was so forgiving!

Services wrapped up without further incident but this memory will never be forgotten.

Have you ever had a phone go off in a bad place? I want to hear your story! 406-248-5665

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