I have a Facebook friend who happens to work at Walmart who posted something yesterday. This person was shopping after she got off work, but still had the company shirt on. And this happens to be smaller and female. Both of which are factors.

A guy behind her in line made a comment about her taking too much of a food item and then somebody who was in the school supplies aisle with her told her to "move your fat ass over". Are you kidding me?

I think bullying is the one of the most cowardly thing people do to each other, I was bullied throughout my school years. And, quite frankly, it didn't stop until I got big enough to where the bullys found somebody smaller to pick on.

I know that a lot of people would stick up for somebody like this if they had heard what was said. I do. And I will.

You're not better than somebody because they work at Walmart. In fact you are worse. I'd love to know who you were so I could explain it to you.


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