A pizza place which shall remain unnamed (it's in downtown Billings) is the Italian version of "The Soup Nazi" from the old Seinfeld sitcom. I called today and ordered a pizza with sun-dried tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts and onions. After I was done with my order the guy on the phone said it would be ready in 20 minutes. Before he could hang up I asked if they could put chicken breast on it as well. First I heard dead silence and then an exaggerated sigh. I asked him if that was a problem. More silence and then 20 seconds later he said "it'll be ready in 20 minutes".

I almost told him to pound sand and thought about taking my business elsewhere but the pizza is really really good. When I ordered on the phone and when I picked up my pizza I felt most unwelcome but the brick over baked, slightly charred thin crust delectable pie was so tasty I nearly drooled while carrying it back to the station because of the aroma. If you look at the abuse as part of the experience then it helps to take their angry young help not so seriously. You can see from the photo above that yes... it was that good!

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