1. Recently I ate at Panda Express on Grand Avenue and was there for the dinner rush. So I was standing in line and while I was waiting this other guy stands in line... next to me... parallel to me... not behind me. This drives me insane! If you're in line shouldn't you stand behind the person who was last in line when you got there? It made me wonder if he was going to try to cut in front of me and when it happens it always makes me feel uncomfortable. Plus once someone gets behind me in line I feel uncomfortable for that person too. It's as if they think their place in line is reserved behind me even though they're not actually standing in line. I can't comprehend what these people are thinking. It's not as if it's a hard concept to understand. I would feel incredibly uncomfortable doing this.

2. Someone reading my texts over my shoulder. Next times this happens try this... change your font to something really large and cough really loud while typing "I sure hope no one in line realizes I have SARS".

3. People who stand too close. At Disneyland this happens all the time... people eager to get on whatever ride they're waiting for constantly slide so close up to me that they often bang my heels with their toes.

Share any of your standing in line pet peeves in the comments box below.

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