Everyone has their go-to foods.

You know, those items that you order no matter where you are?  Pizza, burgers, tacos, etc.  For me, one of my go-to favorites is the Gyro. First off, I'm not sure how you pronounce it. I've heard it pronounced a couple of different ways.  Is it pronounced "Year-O" or "Jy-Ro"? Either way, they're delicious and you can find them in almost every town across the United States.

I couldn't tell you how many have had over the years, as I lost count a long time ago, but I can tell you where the best one I've ever had is.  Right here in Montana.

Located in Missoula right across from the Orange Street Food Farm at 520 S 5th St W is a family-owned business that has been producing some of the best food you'll ever eat and they've been doing it for over 40 years.

The Greek Pasty Shop #1 Gyro is a must if you're ever in Missoula. In fact, I would suggest their food is reason enough to go to Missoula. Now you may wonder, how did the best Gyro Shop I've ever eaten at end up in Montana? Great question! In fact, their story is just as incredible as their food.

Years ago, a young man from Hamilton who was serving his country was stationed in Greece where he met a local woman and fell in love. The two came back to Montana and soon other family members came over and that's how it all began. The Shop has been serving the people of Missoula and Montana since 1977 and are now in their 4th generation of family running and working at the shop.

Think about that. Four generations.

How does a restaurant stay in business over 40 years? Easy. You serve great food and you match that with great customer service. The folks at #1 Gyro treat their customers as family, in fact they call them their "Gyro Family". The "Gyro Family Members" are known on a first name basis and often times those working behind the counter will ask if they want the "usual" according to John Kordonouris, who now runs the business.

John will be the first to tell you that all of the success comes from the good folks that keep coming back again and again, although I would also suggest it has a lot to do with amazing food and service.

John and I had a chance to chat and I asked him, what are the Top 3 best sellers, and ironically, they happen to be my 3 favorite menu items. The Gyro with Feta, the Greek Fries, and Grandma's Baklava. (best Baklava I've ever had, it melts in your mouth) All 3 are amazing, however there are several other menu items worth checking out.

Credit: The Greek Pasty Shop
Credit: The Greek Pasty Shop

Dine in or take out, you won't be disappointed and if you do try the Greek Fries, might I suggest you add some Feta, the combination of the fries, the Feta, and the seasoning is incredible and you'll thank me later. Here's the really good news, they have two locations. The location on 5th and they have a second location in Southgate Mall.

Oh, and I asked John how to pronounce "Gyro", it's pronounced euro or "year o". Road trip anyone?

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