Let me start by saying that if you own a business, you get to run it any way you like. But I will tell you about something that will make me do business elsewhere if I can. I will abandon you if you have an automated phone answering system.

No, I DON'T know my party's extension. I also don't know which of the options that you just gave me and am not looking forward to sitting through your recorded message again. Because if I didn't comprehend it the first time, the second time won't be any better. And if I am required to press one for English, I will just hang up.

I realize the necessity of having to use an automatic system to answer calls due to staffing issues. We use one here at Town Square Billings because we don't have a receptionist. But most folks know that they can call 248-5665 between 5 and 10 weekday mornings, and generally get ahold of us (If we aren't on the air) (also, don't forget the 406 now when you call).

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I'm old-fashioned I like to talk to actual people when I call someone. Even if you're receptionist is not good at her job, I'd rather talk to her than a machine.

That being said, I LIKE ordering pizza online., completely bypassing the order taker. Since I started doing this, my order is always right and depending on which pizza place you go with, you can track where the driver is at and know when your food is going to arrive.

So my message today is, SOME technology is alright.

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