One of my favorite reasons to road trip is the discovery of local restaurants and unique eateries. Before I hit the road, I pull up Yelp to find places to eat along the way that aren't chain restaurants.

For a weekend getaway to Idaho, I found some top rated breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites that are worth the drive. And I included a popular ice cream establishment. Because it's never too cold for ice cream.

For Breakfast in Boise, Waffle Me Up is a popular destination. Reviews say they're the closest thing to a true Belgium waffle in the U.S.A. So most will think the toppings offered, including Huckleberry Ice Cream and Avocado, are out of the ordinary. Of course all the traditional favorites are on the menu, but the favorite seems to be the Bob Deluxe that includes melted havarti cheese, fried egg, bacon, syrup, and basil.
Read Hart P.'s review of Waffle Me Up on Yelp  

If you're near Idaho Falls, the Arugula Deli is top rated for lunch. Reviews described the experience as refreshing and unique. The menu features gourmet salads, quesadillas, and wraps. And fans of Quinoa will love nine options to enjoy the seed in burgers, pizza, and a Quinoa Beet Salad. For dessert, you can get a Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookie. Read Jeff N.'s review of Arugula Deli on Yelp

For Dinner, you can't go wrong in Coeur d'Alene at Wolf Lodge Inn Steakhouse. Whether it's the Cowboy, their 26 ounce sirloin, or their 10-ounce Filet (that one Yelp reviewer called the "best filets I've ever had"), you can expect a perfect cut of meat to be prepared however you like. Read Danielle G.'s review of Wolf Lodge Inn Steakhouse on Yelp  

Before you leave The Gem State, stop by Twin Falls for some dessert at Canyon Road Creamery. If you really want to experience a taste of Reed's Dairy, try their Brown Cow. Read Lisa H.'s review of Canyon Rim Creamery on Yelp

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