Several people have already purchased their Carrie Underwood tickets for her concert at MetraPark next May. The problem is, those tickets don't go on sale until November 6th. People are spending over $100 for fake tickets and when they try to use them on the night of the show, they're in for a big disappointment.

It's not just the Carrie Underwood concert. According to MetraPark Box Office Manager, Sue DeVries. She has had to deliver that bad news more than once over the past few months at Rimrock Auto Arena.

"Make sure you are buying from the authorized site," said DeVries. "There are a number of sites who are trying to get your money who don't really have the tickets. Our software will allow a valid ticket into the venue once. That's it."

Remember these things when shopping for tickets:

  • If the face value of the ticket is higher than the advertised price, chances are very high the ticket is not valid. In the case of the Carrie Underwood tickets, those prices are $76 and $46.
  • Make sure you are purchasing from an authorized site - is always a safe bet.

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