What a huge election day yesterday. The safety levy in Billings was a strong message that the national effort to abolish police departments will not be tolerated. Even though it will cost Billings homeowners an extra $100 for a two hundred thousand dollar home they overwhelmingly back the blue.

It was a total repudiation of the war on police by groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Even in Minneapolis, they turned down the efforts there to replace the Police with a Public safety force and that's the birthplace of the abolished police movement.

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I love what our police chief said that the public has now given us a vote of confidence. True and now it's up to the Billings Police to prove that the extra resources will pay dividends for fighting crime in the city, that's their responsibility.

The city also said no to setting up the dope business in town. No pot shops in the city limits. And, we gave them what they all wanted when they sold this bill of goods to Montanan's, more tax revenue. Remember the campaign slogan" Think of the Tax revenue" well they are going to get an extra 3 percent tax on their pot. Maybe the people of this country are starting to wake up and are putting their foot down to these new progressive movements.

The voters in Virginia sure sent a powerful message to the Democrats with now a New Republican Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, and a Republican-Controlled State House in a huge Blue state. Biden won By 10% just 1 year ago. It's time now to hit the gas and never let socialism take the country again!

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