I am one for good food. I love it and the tastier the better. There is just something about a nice tasty meal in a nice atmosphere after a long week.

Every town I have lived in I have scoped out the best, most fitting place to do these types of dinners. In Memphis it was Corky's BBQ and Boise was Angell's Bar and Grill just to give a couple of examples.

I haven't really had the opportunity to do my my research fully in Billings yet and was hoping for your help in finding my new hangout.

The places I have been in Billings are pretty good though. TEN, The Rex, Jakes and the Windmill Restaurant have been a few that I have gone to and I have to say these places are pretty topnotch.

I have to say that I am not a stuck up type of guy. I like a nice atmosphere and good food. That's about it. Nice conversation with a fulfilling meal is something that I enjoy very much.

What is your favorite place to eat in the Magic City?

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