Tad Brenden, Billings Airport Fire

[VID]Tad Brenden, Billings Airport Fire[/caption]Our hats are off to our friends at Billings' Fire Department and Billings' Airport Fire for a job well done in Seattle.

A crew of 13 firefighters between the two departments recently competed for a good cause. They participated in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb in support of fighting leukemia.

The stairclimb consisted of climbing the 69 floors of the Columbia Center in Seattle and these 12 guys and one woman did an amazing job. They ascended the stairs carrying more than 50 pounds of gear.

Here's the opening ceremonies for this tremendous feat. Awesome support for Montana as well! Someone hollered "Go Montana" in the video that my friend Tad took. Check it out!

I am truly amazed by their abilities and you should be, too. There is no way possible that I could even come close to these times.

Check them out for yourself and when you see them out and about, give them a big ol' pat on the back for a job well done.


Team Name: Billings Airport Fire
1.Jason JohnsonSeattle, WA148M3423:33
2.Tad BrendenSeattle, WA147M4227:12


Team Name: Billings Fire Department
1.Cameron AbellSeattle, WA149M3115:42
2.Justin RobertusSeattle, WA156M3917:41
3.Joshua ThompsonSeattle, WA159M3418:00
4.Olaf HedstromSeattle, WA153M3118:18
5.Pete SulserSeattle, WA157M3021:50
6.Mike GatesSeattle, WA151M3521:55
7.Sean BigginsSeattle, WA150M4222:26
8.Chelsea ThompsonSeattle, WA158F3422:30
9.Ryan MooreSeattle, WA155M3627:40
10.Doug KofflerSeattle, WA154M4529:31
11.Dan HaufSeattle, WA152M3230:20

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