As you may be aware of, Carrie Underwood will be here in concert this Thursday night.  I thought it would be fun to share a few things about Miss. Underwood you may not know.

Here are 5 things according to US Weekly about Carrie that I thought were pretty funny.

  • 1


    She told US Weekly that she loves the smell of skunk. To each his or in this case her own. I've smelled skunk, not a big fan.

  • 2


    She says she loves all vegetables, except eggplant.  I've never had eggplant, but my coworker Frank says it's the bomb.

  • 3


    Carrie loves all animals, except for turtles.  Now don't get her wrong she'll stop for a turtle, but she won't like it one bit.

  • 4


    Carrie says that If mustard were a food group, she would totally be into that. She loves putting mustard on almost everything.  She and my daughter would get along wonderfully.

  • 5

    Zombie Apocalypse

    Carrie admits to being a bit of a doomsday planer.  She says her friends make fun of her, but laughs and says, we'll see who survives the zombie apocalypse.  My son Triston and Carrie should get together and plan for the end, he is a huge zombie apocalypse believer.