Before I even get started, I got permission from my friend to write about this subject and his experience. I won't name his name, but he said he would like to be featured in this blog.

I received a call from a good friend of mine last night after arriving home from the station. He had a birthday recently which put him into "Middle Age"  number wise and became divorced last year which has been hard on him since.

He said he was driving on King Ave West near Walmart and decided to pull into the parking lot and just think for a few minutes.

After sitting there for about 15-20 minutes contemplating the ways of the world, he sad he saw what he thought would make him feel better. A nice new Corvette Z06 had pulled through the parking lot.

The way he described this car sent chills up my spine. He was in love again and it brought a smile on his face like he hadn't experienced in months.

He said that as he inevitably ages, he just wants to feel young again even though he really isn't that old and having a fast good looking car might be his ticket to feeling a little better.

I told him to do whatever makes him happy because he deserves it, but to not count on money or material things to determine his mood.

He agreed but said he's still getting that car this

Have you or anyone you know ever made a big purchase because of a mid life crisis? Tell me about it at 406-248-5665.

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