Was it the best customer service? Probably not. Will this experience keep me from doing business there again? No. Technically, they were closed. Here's the story.

My daughter was doing some running around town yesterday afternoon and decided that we weren't hungry enough to stop somewhere and eat but a drink sounded good. My daughter loves Starbucks. So we pulled into the Starbucks at the intersection of Wicks and Main. When I pull into the parking lot, I noticed that there is not one, single-vehicle parked there. So I didn't know if there they were even open for business. This happens at about 3:57.

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So, I pull up to the door so that I can see their business hours. When I do that, two vehicles pull in front of us to get their drinks. By the time I get up there to order. a female voice comes over the speaker and says "I'm sorry. We're closed." We just laughed. Are you kidding me? But my clock in the pickup said that it was straight up four O'clock. and a rule is a rule.

So, I pulled forward, forgetting that there isn't enough room to pass anybody waiting for their order. So I had to back up. But, as I back around the corner, I see one of those orange traffic candles that had very recently been placed there.

While I could have run it over. We were good citizens and waited for the two cars in front of us to get their orders. and then drove out behind them.

The good part for me was that I didn't have to remember all of the coffee-related adjectives required to get my daughter's glacial, chai tea, large, double shot, frappe, polly wolly doodle, all the livelong day.

At least now I know that they close precisely at four on Sundays.

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