So it has come to our attention that West High School will now be installing vape detectors in their school bathrooms. The reasons are obvious, to prevent kids from vaping during school, which is illegal by the way. It's an effort to make sure the rules are followed and protect other kids too who may be affected by the vaping fumes.

Apparently, they let the parents know by sending parents notes on Tuesday, as KTVQ reported yesterday. 

Wow. isn't that something; this after we have been trying for years to get metal detectors in the high schools! See, Greg Upham said metal detectors for weapons aren't effective, like they reported in the Gazette, but we must have absolute proof that vaping detectors are?


Other schools around the country have been using these detectors.

Why don't you kill two birds with one stone, with metal detectors that would pick up the vaping devices anyway? Here's one kind of vape detector. Apparently, it even detects bullying.

How many lockdowns have we had at West High over the last year because of a vaping threat? Then how many have we had because of a serious threat?

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By the way, where did that money come from and who is going to monitor or respond to those warnings of a current vaping attack? I'm sure that's not in the current teachers' contracts either. So who responds? The school resource officer?

I hope that the superintendent and the Billings school board prove every year that we are wrong -- see, those Flakes boys don't know what they're talking about. We've never had a problem, they should mind their own business. But God help this community and the parents of the kids if we are right. Some things are just worth it.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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