They do work, even though Billings school district two superintendent Greg Upham says they do not. Metal detectors detect weapons, that's what they do. Smoke detectors do not stop arson, they detect smoke and save lives. Breathalyzers do not stop drunk driving, they detect alcohol levels, which enables police to get you off the road and that saves lives. Detectors detect weapons, that save lives, period.

An article from the Associate Press this morning said metal detectors are in place in Virginia schools in high schools and middle schools but not elementary schools.


James Graves, president of the Newport Education Association told AP the teachers union would ask the school board for metal detectors in EVERY school.

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The teacher shot last week was shot at an elementary school. Guess what superintendent George Parker said? They will now rely on that deterrent for those too.

From AP:


City schools rely on metal detectors and random searches in high schools and middle schools, but not for elementary buildings, Superintendent George Parker III said at a Monday news conference.

“I hate to be at this point where I’m considering this, but we have to start relying on those types of deterrents at the elementary level as well,” Parker said.

They also now require clear backpacks to make detection easier.

I called this.

Maybe our superintendent can go to Virginia and tell them how they are all making a big mistake, like how he told the Billings Gazette in December. He can save them a bunch of money by showing them how the cross-your-fingers policy is working in our town.

I don't know if our teachers feel protected with his policy but so far they haven't put any heat on him for security changes. I know I feel a lot safer on an airplane than I did 20 years ago, wouldn't it be nice if we had that same confidence for our children at school.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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