Justin Bieber‘s alleged baby has been a hot topic as of late. The same week that the 17-year-old pop singer dropped a charitable new holiday album, a young California woman came forward to claim that the ‘Baby’ singer is the father of her 3-month-old child — and that she’s slapping him with a paternity lawsuit. As expected, lots of people are making light of the claims, including country’s comedian, Blake Shelton, who took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Bieber baby controversy.

“Not sure if it’s true but so what if Justin Bieber had sex in a bathroom stall?!! I’ve done that lots times!! Of course I WAS alone…” Shelton joked with his followers, one of which responded smartly, “Nice! At least it was sex with someone you love!” Shelton’s reaction? “Ba! Ha! Ha!”

Shelton has had a good amount of down time lately, so we’re not surprised that he’s up to date with his current events. The ‘Honey Bee’ hitmaker just wrapped filming the audition tapes for the next season of ‘The Voice,’ which he says will “make the Super Bowl look small.” ‘The Voice’ kicks off immediately following the big game on Feb. 5.

Like most of Nashville’s A-list, Shelton is scheduled to appear at the CMA Awards on Nov. 9, though unlike his peers, the funny man will be opening up the show with a performance of ‘Footloose’ alongside Kenny Loggins.

Meanwhile, the world will be on pins and needles regarding Bieber news until the judge says those famous words: “Justin Bieber, you are not the father.”

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