I've debated with myself all week about whether or not to blog about my sister. It's a little more personal topic and I'm not looking for condolences or pity. I just want to recognize her on the eighth anniversary of her passing. She was just 43.

Michelle Rene Wilson was the life of the party from the day she was born. She waited tables at danged near every place in Great Falls that serves food. Once, while working overnight at a truck stop, she got in trouble for bringing out a customer's breakfast, then sitting down at his table and listening to the distraught man talk about his divorce. She got written up, but she didn't care.

She also spent time on the radio, like our father and me (there's been a Wilson on the Montana airwaves since 1969). When Michelle worked overnights she would "counsel" listeners who called.

Her issues with substances and picking the wrong friends would lead to her end.

Our entire family gathered this past weekend to honor her memory.

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