It's amazing when I'm driving down the street and you see construction signs telling me, 'everybody move to the right lane.' At least, that's what I learned in drivers ed.

I realize the flashing arrows pointing to the right lane and barriers blocking the left and middle lane are obvious indicators, telling me where to drive in order to get past a certain spot in the street.

We all see it. Will all see it two blocks away, maybe, even three. Oh ya, that's why all the cars are piling up in the right lane. Imagine sitting in that long right lane of vehicles, backed up three blocks, with cars and trucks in the other two lanes going all the way up to the 'bottleneck' and somehow weasel their way into the right lane. They just drove passed 20 cars and three red lights. I mean, it's amazing, that they're able to just get in there and be able to pass everybody without waiting their turn. I'm waitin' and the're goin'. Story of my life.

I'm pretty sure I've been that guy. You only live once, right? What do you think about the 'Bottlenecker'?  Do you let them in? How do you feel when these vehicles outsmart you?

Should I not feel irritated toward the bottlenecker, or do I think of how bananas I could get when I start wondering about the vehicle letting the bottlenecker in?

I'm  pretty sure we should just be patient.  Take 10 deep breaths and we'll be OK.

Marinate on that for a minute and tell me your thoughts about the 'Bottlenecker'!!

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