So many restaurants on the west end and yet one of the most populous areas around can't seem to land a new one.

With between 40,000 and 50,000 vehicles traveling through Billings heights each day, according to the Montana Department of Transportation, it doesn't seem like restaurants do well moving in there. Maybe it's because there is really only one main street and space is a problem, who knows.

Take for instance Applebee's: They have a location in both places and do very well. The heights could very easily support another Olive Garden or any national chain for that matter.

Heck, there are two McDonalds and three Subways there. A Chik-Fil-A would do well or another Panera as well. So much traffic and so many people and yet no interest?

So many businesses love to follow Wal-Marts like little puppy dogs but the heights for some strange reason are different.

Billings heightsWalmart
Credit: Google Maps

Pizza Ranch is another one with two locations and both do well. A major home improvement store could also be successful or maybe even something like a Costco although they tend to only build one per town.

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We are not short on banks, there are plenty in the heights to choose from so if there's that much money changing hands there, more commerce would fit. The town is growing to the west but the town also continues to grow to the east.

Combined with the new interstate exchanges now, you'd think it would be good to draw the customers in, instead of having to go to the Shiloh or King Avenue exchange on the opposite end of town. We'll see.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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