I don't know about you folks but I sure am enjoying the "Build Back Better" program from the Biden Democrats. Let's see Oil today hit $81 a barrel and gas is $1.25 higher than it was 10 months ago. We went from energy independent to begging the Opec'rs to produce more for us to import.

We surrendered to the terrorists in Afghanistan and left thousands who helped us behind enemy lines. Announced today that the Biden crew will now send aid to the Taliban to help with food other necessities, I'm sure that will get to the people that need it.

The border is a wreck of 1.25 million illegals in the country since the first of the year.

The Washington Times reports today that  More people have died from covid in Biden's first nine months than during Trump's first nine months of the Pandemic according to Johns Hopkins and Trump didn't have the tools in place when he was President yet to fight it.

The Homicide rates in the U.S just set an all-time high of 30% according to A.P. There are almost 11 million jobs unfilled in the U.S. and people are refusing to go back to work. Inflation is running rampant, prices are rising faster than we can keep up with if you can get the goods.

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China and Russia were held at bay and now are on the move. By the way" Let's Go Tester" the tariffs didn't hurt Grain Prices did they? People that go to School board meetings are now being investigated by the FBI if they oppose mandates or the curriculum. That's right, using The Attorney Generals' office to go after you as a concerned parent.

These are just a few things I could think of but at least we don't have any mean tweets unless you count the things Joe Biden has said about unvaccinated Americans.

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