I watched a response by Joe Biden at a memorial for 9/11 over the weekend when asked about the debacle in Afghanistan and he said What else could we have done. Well, anything but what was done. So over the last 18 months prior to this new administration, no one was killed, there was virtually no war going on, and no new land was taken by the Taliban. It was quiet and under control. Markets were open, women were given rights and teaching school. It was the best that it has been in Afghanistan for some time.

Now let's look at Chicago. Drug gangs have been in a constant war trying to acquire new turf and killing innocent people including children at a record pace. Just this weekend over 50 were shot and 6 have died so far and that death toll could go up.

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If you look at the Chicago numbers compared to Afghanistan over the last 18 months we evacuated the wrong place. We should have had a huge evacuation of Chicago and got those people the hell out of there. The violence there was and is much worse. The Taliban was kept in check and this administration let it get out of control.

President Biden asked the Afghan President to lie about the Taliban's advancement. So " Come On Man" let's get those people of Chicago out of there to a safer haven. We don't even have to close their airport, we could have another remarkable and record-setting evacuation, and those people are already vetted so there is no national security threat. It's time we end Chicago's 20-year war.

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