When I think of how America reacted 20 years ago to the 9/11 attacks compared to how we left Americans behind 2 weeks ago, makes me wonder what happened to our patriotism. 9/11 was an attack unprecedented in our nation's history,  Courageous first responders rushing in and sacrificed their lives to rescue others.

Leave no man behind was never more evident than that day. America demanded accountability for those responsible. Years later the Obama administration released four key figures in the attack out of Guantanamo in exchange for an army deserter. Now they are back in Afghanistan in cabinet positions and the Biden administration is negotiating with them.

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One of the greatest days we had as a country was September 12th of 2001. We were all Americans that day all willing to fight and all willing to die. Never as a Nation would we have accepted surrender to the terrorists. What a difference 20 years makes. A few days after, we started our Red Neck Battalion with memberships, t-shirts, and a rally at the courthouse that filled the courtyard and streets nearby. These great citizens were willing to do whatever it took to avenge the attack on our country. Now we pay countries not to hurt us and keep them in check.

Thank you to all of the Great Americans out there who have served their country so bravely. You have always been willing to rush in sacrificing your life for theirs. Never forget September 11th of 2001 and never forget November 4th of 2024. Have a great weekend.

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For those of us who lived through 9/11, the day’s events will forever be emblazoned on our consciousnesses, a terrible tragedy we can’t, and won’t, forget. Now, two decades on, Stacker reflects back on the events of 9/11 and many of the ways the world has changed since then. Using information from news reports, government sources, and research centers, this is a list of 20 aspects of American life that were forever altered by the events of that day. From language to air travel to our handling of immigration and foreign policy, read on to see just how much life in the United States was affected by 9/11.

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