You've had weekends like this. No matter what you do or where you turn, bad things happen. Not really bad, just annoying. Case in point.

If only my friends had told me Wyoming is in dire need of additional revenue, then I would have driven better. Word to the wise, don't drive over the speed limit in Wyoming these days. Like most state governments, they need more money and are only too happy to use traffic enforcement to get it.

The Officer Is Always Right

Yes, it was 79 in a 75 mile per hour zone. Yes, the officer was correct. I'm guessing boredom must set in across most of Wyoming at 11pm or so. Especially on Sunday night. You've driven Interstate 25 near Sheridan right?

I've now made my contribution to the Wyoming general fund. The funniest part of the whole traffic stop (other than the incredulous look on my face at being stopped for a few miles over the limit) was when the officer handed me the ticket.

As I sign and hand it back he says, "sir, you were wearing your seat belt, so you get a discount on your ticket."

Really? So that got me laughing and thinking.

I've got a little gray hair, maybe you could throw in a senior citizen discount too? Plus my car has those awful ugly standard issue blue license plates, could I get a break for having to lug those around?

What's next a "get out of jail free" coupon? Don't laugh. A local print shop printed a number of these cards recently for a local politician.

Another fine?

Here's what really concerns me about Wyoming's drive for money. As I drove across the state, I had an unfortunate encounter with a bird. You might say I "grilled" it. The bird returned to Montana with me although not by his or my choosing.


I wonder if Wyo Fish and Wildlife will ticket me for hunting out of season.