speeding ticket

Hey Leadfoot, Ease Up on the Gas Pedal
I tend to be a little heavy on the gas pedal. I had to come to Great Falls for some client meetings this week, so f course you have to get from point A to point B as fast as you can. Needless to say, my leadfoot got me in a little trouble.
My Traffic Citation Resume
One of my Facebook friends finally got her first speeding ticket. She's been driving 32 years, and just got her first ticket. Good job. I have outperformed her throughout the years.
Karen Got A Ticket!
While checking on my coworker's weekends, Karen mentioned that she got a speeding ticket leaving Cody, Wyoming. It's only funny if you've ever ridden with her, because you'll know that she should be ticketed for following too closely. Or running red lights...
Can I Get A Senior Discount With That Ticket?
You've had weekends like this. No matter what you do or where you turn, bad things happen. Not really bad, just annoying. Case in point.
If only my friends had told me Wyoming is in dire need of additional revenue, then I would have driven better...