If you want to see just how nasty the left and the never Trump commentators can become, check out this story about a former press aide to Senator Steve Daines (R-MT).

Katie Waldman worked as a press secretary for Sen. Daines. Recently, she was hired by Vice President Mike Pence. But it's her personal life that is making her the subject of despicable attacks by leftists, never Trumpers, and at least one CNN commentator.

Waldman is reportedly dating White House aide Stephen Miller. Miller became quite the celebrity on the campaign trail alongside President Trump in 2016 thanks to his strong message on border security.

Twitchy.com was first to report the attacks on Waldman:

Hey, remember when Ana Navarro got all bent out of shape about Donald Trump referring to “people asking for asylum” as “animals,” despite the fact that Trump was actually using “animals” to describe members of MS-13? Because language like that is utterly dehumanizing? She pretty clearly demonstrated that her disgust with dehumanizing language when she referred to Trump adviser Stephen Miller as “it” last month

The Washington Examiner noted that Navarro piled on in a recent segment on The View.

Waldman and Miller were spotted attending a White House State Dinner on Friday night, as The UK Daily Mail reports. The photo above was taken at the event.

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