I don't know what percentage of Billings this will affect, but based on the crowd I typically encounter at the Costco food court, I'd say it's a significant number. Costco announced that they will be getting rid of some of their staple items (like the Polish dog and the chocolate frozen yogurt) in favor of some healthier choices.

According to the Seattle Times, they will be offering things like an Al Pastor salad featuring all plant based protein to satisfy the vegetarian/vegan crowd as well as something called an açai bowl which must be extremely healthy because I've never even heard of them. In fact, I had to do some googling just to find out how to write the ç character.

Of course, if you're a patron of the Costco food court, the question you're probably asking right now is "Are they getting rid of the $1.50 dog and drink?" and the answer is no. At this point, only the Polish dog is being removed, but the traditional dog remains on the menu.

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