I grew up a big fan of radio station contests and participated in many of them. I would try to guess "The Secret Sound" and I would look for the Great Pumpkin.

I was the 10th, or 25th or the 100th caller many times. I won t-shirts, albums and concert tickets quite often. But I never won anything close to what's on the line Saturday night at the Stadium Club.

A free weekend at a 5 star, all-inclusive resort in Mexico. We cover your flights, your hotel, your food, and your drinks. For a week. It's the last great prize from a radio station that local folks have an honest chance of winning.

Registration is from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. Then, we play a few games and then call a few numbers and find out who is going to Mexico with us in January.

The trip is already sold out, so you can't buy one. You can only win it. Then you will have 140 new friends for life.

See you Saturday night!

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