I was looking back through my phone this morning at all the pictures I took while we were at Secrets Akumal in Mexico and I have to say, it was another fabulous Flakes Trip.

Highlights included:

  • a personal record for screwdriver consumption
  • a private gathering for our group of 150 folks along with a private poolside dinner featuring "The Fire Show."
  • Your breakfast choices varied from a custom omelet made right in front of you to fruits to several styles of prepared meat dishes to whether you were going to dine outside or inside. All tough decisions.
  • Our winner, Della Schnetter had the time of her life with her sister.

As I keep scrolling I see palm trees, Mexican Mudslides, Cerveza on ice, pizzas made poolside in a wood-fired oven, a visit to the Hibachi restaurant, some sushi, the "Quiet Pool" and all the people I met from so many different places.

My photo today is of me with my four favorite new friends Keesha, Shayna, Alyssa, and Kate. They are nurses from Wisconsin who I hung out with over the course of the week. They are considering joining next year's Flakes Trip once we figure out where we are going.

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