• I played rounds 71 and 72 of golf this week. I carded zero birdies and one 11.
  • On the air we covered how gasoline is the only product that costs the same, no matter what in town you buy it. Not counting Costco, because not everybody is a member.
  • I took some heat for just ASKING about getting a Christmas tree delivered. And more heat from changing my profile picture to one of me on a ladder at the Barn Raising.
  • Looking forward to some "Windshield Therapy" this weekend. We're running out of weekends where sports cars with wide tires will be able to go to Roscoe for dinner.
  • During the remote broadcast at MacKenzie River Pizza last night, I asked an Uber Eats driver about her job. She loves it. She said that she's busy from the start to finish of every shift. Plus, she makes great tips. Good to know.
  • I had never looked at the quantity listed on the side of my allergy pills. After I dropped the bottle this morning at 3:30, I learned that the number is 365. Wonderful.
  • I also visited with several couples who are going to Mexico with us in January. All very excited. If you're not entered yet, you'd better hurry.

All next week it's "Win Em Before You Can Buy Em" tickets to see Kenny Chesney in Bozeman next July. Listen to win!

Have a great weekend. Thanks for listening.


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