Let's face it dads, when it comes to taking care of the kids it's mom who does a great job at handling things. But when it comes to mom not being able to do it, who is the first on the list to step up? We are.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, we as the fathers of our kids are not good at this task.

I don't agree and At Home Dad doesn't like what they had to say either.

I am more than happy and capable of taking care of my 5 children. Their mom does a great job with it all but when duty comes to call I can do it.

I can feed them, bath them, get them ready for bed and on the other side get them ready for the day, help them with sickness and so on.

I am not saying it is an easy job that anyone can do because it is not. I am also not downgrading what mothers do because believe you me a mother is a very unique superstar in this field and NO ONE will do it quite like she will.

What I am saying is we as fathers can keep things rollin'...at least we should be able to.

Are you a babysitting dad?

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