Everybody knows this ranch!  As a teen in the 80's, I'll bet you have the same memories of family Friday nights as I do.  Dallas is on!  We all gathered around the tv for an hour to see what JR would do to Sue Ellen or Bobby, who's lying, crying, dying...

Ewing Oil

Normally, I wouldn't even consider watching a show like this, (I'm more of a Showtime or HBO series person.) however, in reading up on it, it looks like the 3 main characters, JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen are all behind it.

They plan on taking it right from where the final episode left off, when we didn't know if JR killed himself or not.  Now each of the Ewings has a son.  One drills for oil, one tries to find a green energy source.  JR and Sue Ellen are divorced, and Bobby lives at South Fork with (a new) Pam and is even/or was  a Senator!

The 2 hour season premiere is tonight at 7 on TNT.  Let's watch together, discuss later.

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